science fiction novel World One

Vail Henry as Author 

WORLD ONE: Published November 2017. With so many people worried about how digital worlds are taking over our physical lives, it's time for a story that opens the conversations we need to be having: What worlds should we be living in? And how may these choices affect our society, economics, politics, families, and perception of self? And is this even a new question?

Now available through feminist publisher Moxietastic in trade paperback and Kindle versions.

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Vail Henry expects to publish two more novels through Moxietastic in 2018.
Vail Henry as Creative Director
Vail Henry spent 6 years as the creative director of a small ad agency and a publicly traded company, sequentially, with about 15 years in art direction, graphic design, and web design before that. Please interact with the more complete design portfolio of Vail Henry at Behance.
Vail Henry as Artist
Vail Henry creates art around feminist and mathematical themes, often including recycled materials as media.
Many of her original pieces are for sale through local art shops, Etsy, or other art forums.
Vail Henry as Oil Diva
Vail Henry sells and teaches people how to use essential oils.
With hundreds of people under her coaching, Vail has presented at major events such as the Pathways Natural Living Expo and DC Green, for Baltimore area radio personalities, and at alternative health organizations such as the Cardinal Center for Healing and Total Health Concepts.
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